Ball Hockey Coaching Staff



Emanuel Garcia leads ball hockey player & team development, coaching, instruction, and all procedures for ball hockey tournaments for Skate City Sports. Arguably one of the best international ball hockey players of all-time, Emanuel’s career has traversed the globe, winning championships on multiple continents. While working primarily at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena, the premier and only, fully dedicated roller sports facility in the United States, Emanuel will hold extensive training and instructional camps, passing his knowledge onto players of all skill levels. His list of accomplishments in the sport of ball hockey are extensive:

•    1999: joined the Argentina National Team. 
•    2010: founder of the Emanuel Garcia Hockey Camp
•    2016: player for the Igualada Hockey Club (Spain)
•    10 National Championships: 2003 - 2011, Porto-PORTUGAL: 2021, Trissino-ITALY
•    5 National Cups: 2005 - 2008, & 2019, Porto-PORTUGAL
•    6 National Supercups: 2005 - 2009, Porto-PORTUGAL; 2012, Viareggio-ITALY
•    2022 Euroleague Champion with G.S. Trissino 



Born and raised in Texas, Gage Holmes moved to Colorado Springs in December of 2022 to coach the Colorado Panthers Ball Hockey Program. He has been a part of the rink hockey community for almost 20 years, starting at the age of six. In 2007, Gage got the opportunity to compete in his first National Championship in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he and his team would bring home the gold. Since that day, he has captured 17 Regional Championships, 12 National Championships, and 10 MVP Awards. One of Gage’s biggest milestones in his career is being selected for his first ever World Championship representing Team USA in Vilanova, Spain in the year 2015. Two years later he was again selected to be a member of the USA Team that traveled to Nanjing, China where him and his team would come home with the 2017 FIRS Cup World Championship gold medal.

“Hockey has been my passion since the first day I put skates on. It has taken me to places I would of never thought I’d get the chance of seeing. I will be forever grateful for everything this sport has done for me and my family. With that being said I have found a new passion since moving to Colorado and that is putting everything I have into growing this sport and passing my knowledge to the next generation of youth hockey players that will one day get the chance to wear USA across their chest. Seek perfection, capture excellence. Go Panthers!”



Born and raised in Bremerton, WA, Andrew Woolfolk decided to take his talents and knowledge of ball hockey to the city of Denver, CO in February 2023. Andrew grew up as an inline speed skater since the young age of four! In 2010, Woolfolk picked up the fun sport of rink hockey, and in that same year, competed in his first National Championships in his hometown of Bremerton. Ball hockey has been a huge inspiration and motivation for Andrew from his earlier years and all the way up until he was selected for his first Junior World Championship for Team USA in 2015. Just two years later, Woolfolk once again represented the United States at the World Roller Games in Nanjing, China.  Andrew has been a part of the Men's Team USA program from 2017 to his latest achievement in November 2023 where he helped Team USA overcome the Uruguay National Team to be the Challenger's Cup Champions at the World Skate Games in San Juan, Argentina!

“It is truly a blessing to be able to move to the beautiful state of Colorado to pursue my dream of extending my knowledge and inspiring new and current players on the competitive and exhilarating sport that is rink hockey. Skate City has been a huge help with supporting myself as well as the other members of the program with equipment and facilities to enjoy the sport I love so much. I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of Skate City or the people around me growing up until now. I’m truly grateful for them and the experiences I’ve been able to see myself with their help as a player and a coach. I can’t wait to see what this sport will bring for the people of Colorado!”